Business Services

Consultancy: Towards a Culture of Creativity, Innovation and Positive Change

Notting Hill College – Consultancy Service empowers Organisations to achieve their maximum potential through lifelong learning. It offers complete consultancy services for organisations and institutions. Notting Hill College – Consultancy Service’s main goal is promoting and guiding organisational change.  Our consultancy services include bespoke training, project development and evaluation services to meet the particular needs of schools and institutes.

Corporate Training: With Business in Mind

A  leading-edge workforce  in any organisation requires  not  only  new  talent  coming  out  of  schools and  colleges with  the appropriate training, education and skills to drive the organisation forward, but it also needs the continuous upgrading of the current knowledge and skills of the existing personnel to respond to the demands of a globalised workplace.

Notting Hill College – Corporate Training Service aims to understand the organisation and to help tackle the real-life issues facing its business sector today;  to achieve its aspirations and to find real solutions to its problems.

Notting Hill College offers a wide range of vocational training services that we are convinced will make a difference.

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