Learning System

The College incorporates technology as a method of enhancing instruction.  The Learning System at Notting Hill College engages learners in the learning process as full partners who must assume primary responsibility for their own choices. Notting Hill College assists its learners to form and participate in collaborative learning activities.

The Learning system at Notting Hill College creates and offers as many options for learning as possible. Using computer and web technologies, Notting Hill College delivers instruction to students in multiple modes. These multiple modes are important for meeting the different learning styles of our students.


Students’ assessments at Notting Hill College take place in multiple modes to provide meaningful feedback on learning outcomes. These multiple modes help us meet the different learning styles of the students.
Tests, exams, and performance assessment tasks are used to show that students have mastered learning outcomes toward a degree or certification programme or toward a personal learning goal, thus providing evidence of substantive change in individual learners. Quizzes and hands-on learning activities are used to provide meaningful feedback to students during learning events so that students understand their learning gaps and can take responsibility for continued study and work to master the learning outcomes.

About NHC Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management is a term used to define strategies that are developed to help achieve learning outcomes. This software provides the necessary tools for the management of creating, scheduling, training, or learning.

Our Learning Management System gives students an opportunity for effective learning and quick assessments. The NHC-LMS has been designed to address students’ needs as it focuses on excellent coordination between our schools and students, making the e-education scenario “a reality”.

Our aim at NHC is to bring quality to education and education management. Our LMS is therefore used for extensive multifunctional purposes: Administration Management, Student Care Management & Examination Management.

Our LMS typically helps to manage our various learning formats: distance learning courses, classroom based classes, intensive programmes and distance learning with facilitation lessons.


Notting Hill College Distance Learning Programmes

Gain the knowledge and expertise you need to accomplish your goals today.  Distance learning and online certificates make the world your classroom! With our distance learning programmes, you study at your own pace and you fit your study time around your daily commitments. Browse our distance learning programmes and locate the one that’s best for you.

Although we are based in the UK, our teacher training distance learning courses are available to students worldwide. At Notting Hill College, we have the perfect distance learning course to fit your needs, so if you want to expand your skills, update your expertise or get a competitive edge on that job you’re after, Notting Hill College can assist you. We offer you the most flexible methods of home study available from any distance learning college, with full online support delivered by an experienced e-tutor team.

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