Mini-MBAThe 10 day-long Mini MBA programme focuses around gaining the confidence, competence and skills to succeed in managerial positions. The programme will incorporate lectures, presentations, practical team workshops, role playing and case studies in addition to accent reduction English course. The programme will also provide a unique opportunity to update your existing insights and techniques.

On behalf of Notting Hill College – Manchester, we invite you to attend condensed Mini MBA programme awarded by Notting Hill College in 10 days.

Programme Focus Areas

This core programme provides students with an integrated “big picture” of business. It shows students how the main areas of business; marketing, management, accounting, HR and finance connect to each other and how they relate to the world in which we live and work. The core curriculum is divided into four main parts

The goal of this part is to help students set the Stage: The Business of Business, Build the Framework: Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship and Guide the Enterprise: Leadership, Organization, and Operations.

The goal of this part is to help students support the workplace through motivating and managing the company human resources.

The goal of this part is to help students satisfy customers through handling marketing, sales and customer support issues.

The goal of this part is to help students manage the money through handling accounting and financial resources.

Course Objectives

  • To provide concise, comprehensive coverage of vital business topics, important concepts, and proven strategies as provided in the full-fledged MBA programme, yet quicker and cost effective.
  • To grasp the essential ingredients of personal success, management success and business success.
  • To help non business-trained professionals understand fundamental business principles.
  • To ensure that participants are abreast of the latest thinking in management and leadership as well as business strategy.
  • Speak clearly
  • Learn the correct sounds of English
  • Speak with confidence
  • Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction from Essential English Centre

Accent Reduction is becoming a popular choice for students who are learning English but find the pronunciation challenging. As part of our intensive English courses students can work with a trained pronunciation coach and spend time developing accurate pronunciation of English.
In these sessions you will:

  • work from a specialised course book
  • have fun recording and listening to yourself speak in English
  • develop your ability to communicate in English effectively
  • receive individual guidance on your pronunciation

Key Benefits

  • Valuable Transferable Skills
    You will increase your capacity to plan, delegate, meet deadlines, problem  solve, develop your team and improve your communication skills.
  • Networking Opportunities
    You will have the opportunity to meet and develop business networks with  fellow professionals in the central European region.
  • Turning Theory into Practice
    Through the medium of simulation, role playing, case studies and discussions, you will learn the best practices and
    will be able to apply theory to daily practice within your current and future  roles.
  • Recognition of Completion
    Upon successful passage of the final exam, you will be awarded a Mini MBA   Certification from Notting Hill College to enhance your CV.

Who qualifies as a ‘Mini MBA’ delegate?

The Mini MBA is an innovative executive development programme focused on the key strategy and leadership issues and latest trends. This course has been designed for executives, managers and senior stakeholders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Entry Criteria

  • Academic qualifications Undergraduate degree or equivalent, relevant work experience also accepted.
  • English language Confident business English, all teaching and materials are provided in English only.

Required Documents

  • Mini MBA filled application form
  • Copy of the Passport
  • Copy of the last academic degree
  • Scanned Personal Photo


Successful candidates are qualified to be awarded a recognised Mini MBA certificate from Notting Hill College.

You have the opportunity to add more value to your Mini MBA certificate with a worthy attestation seal. You could get California Department of State Apostille and authentication from the Los Angeles County Registrar on your Mini MBA Certificate.