Our Mission


Notting Hill College is committed to excellence in teaching and a genuine care for the welfare of our students. We aim at developing our students’ potential and empowering them to move forward in their careers by assisting them in gaining the maximum qualifications they are capable of achieving.

To fulfill its mission, we are committed to providing our students with:

  • a range of valuable study programmes that address global market needs.
  • well qualified and experienced staff.
  • the highest possible proffessional standards.
  • a successful and enjoyable learning experience.
  • fair assessment for both formal and informal learning.
  • the most updated skills, knowledge , and aptitudes necessary for a successful career.
  • student-centered syllabi that are constantly improving.

Our Global Vision

To be recognized as world leaders in the fields of Business, English & Teacher Training by establishing an international reputation of quality.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
    We strive to develop and pursue higher standards of training. We continuously adopt the latest training materials, qualified trainers & rigorous assessment to meet & exceed students’ expectation.
  • Truthfulness:
    We believe in being honest and we commit ourselves and others to the highest ethical standards.
  • Empowerment:
    We believe that our students should be equipped with the tools to set sound goals and achieve them.
  • Equality:
    We believe that all people are to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of their level of gender, race, religion, color, education, understanding or ability.
  • Cooperation:
    We encourage and value partnerships with other organizations and agencies to provide high-quality, comprehensive and competitive training offerings and to share best practices.

NHC Commitments

Quality Learning Services that Raise Continuous Education Standards

NHC recognises the importance of delivering quality services. With this in mind, we are committed to benefit our students in three ways.

Commitment to Services 

  1. World-class Programmes
  2. Recognised Credentials
  3. Affordable Learning Opportunities
  4. Graduate Recruitment
  5. NHC Post-nominal Letters

Commitment to Quality

  1. Licensed Teachers
  2. Continuous Professional Development
  3. High-quality, Exclusive & Co-branded Course Materials
  4. Standardised Assessment & Evaluation System

Commitment to Technology and its Applications

  1. Online Training Resources
  2. Digital Library
  3. Certificate Verification Service
  4. Online Learning Portal
  5. Online Student Registration

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Develop Multiple Training Delivery Platforms
    Our goal is to assist suitably qualified people in gaining the updated knowledge and skills they require, using the latest and most efficient methods possible.
  •  Meet Community Needs
    The College’s student-centred syllabus aims to assist students in gaining the highest level of qualifications they are capable of.
  • Capture a Larger Market Share
     NHC is committed to providing affordable quality education without compromising the standard of our vocational qualifications.