Our Methodology

At Notting Hill College School of English we Base our English Training on Two Important Theories


According to this theory, students should immerse themselves in not only the language they are learning but in the culture associated with it as well. This means that L2 (the second language) is the only language spoken in classroom by both teachers and, much more importantly, the students themselves.



Since we learn languages best by speaking them, a decisive factor in the extent to which students succeed is their need and desire to use the language for communication purposes both inside and outside the classroom. Consequently, the Communicative Approach depends on maximising student interaction, which in turn increases the degree to which they benefit from the learning process. Vivid examples and practical application of the language therefore take precedence over bland theoretical precepts.

NHC language training methodology is based on practical experience. Our method continues to be enhanced and perfected through close adaptation to ongoing linguistic and social developments. This fine-tuning keeps our Courses up-to-date and effective.

Excellence in Teaching

We have based our learning system on two main principles.
Interaction: project-based activities are constantly used to help students use the language as quickly and effectively as possible.

Tasks: Selection of communicative-based exercises & intriguing topics to consolidate on the newly learnt target language. This simple yet effective approach of language training has helped thousands of students achieve their goals.

Notting Hill College Teachers

Teachers receive special training on Notting Hill College methodology. They design their lessons according to standardised training techniques and specially developed training materials.

Students’ progress is assessed at regular intervals to make sure lessons are carefully tailored to their individual needs. Teachers encourage students to view mistakes as a learning opportunity, to self-correct as much as possible and to use the language actively.