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The School of Business promotes leading-edge executive education in HR, Management, Marketing, Sales and Soft Skills programs compatible with the world’s largest professional accrediting associations in each field.

School of Business delivers diplomas, certificates, complete courses and short courses that cover almost all the skills set …



Notting Hill College School of Languages offers a wide spectrum of learning solutions and training services based on the global market needs.

The main aim of the School of Languages is to help students reach their potential, while gaining a positive attitude towards their career. The methodology applied at NHC School of Languages has enabled us…



Notting Hill College School of Teacher Training presents a full range of teacher training programmes that address the practical and theoretical needs of novice and experienced teachers.

The courses vary in duration, study method and price. Course qualifications vary from certificate level to diploma level programmes. 



If you’ve always wanted to help others, you can become an asset in the healthcare or safety industry, and become in-demand throughout your country.

As one of the fastest-growing occupational globally, health care courses can prepare you for a secure future and a wide variety of specialisations. 

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  • Our schools mainly provide vocational training and further education. We are committed to excellent learning opportunities for young people, adults and employers alike. You can choose from a wide range of courses whether classroom-based or distance learning.
  • The main aim of NHC schools is to offer courses that suit a wide range of students. We design and deliver course materials with clear progression routes for those looking to take their studies to another level. We also provide a rapidly expanding, flexible and cost-effective off-campus training service to businesses looking to gain a valuable commercial advantage by up-skilling their workforce.
  • We now deliver vocational training, work-based learning, new certificates and diplomas more successfully and to more people than ever before. Why not see what Notting Hill College could offer?