UK Visa

Notting Hill College can help students obtain Student Visitor Visa (6 Months)

Many students would need a visa to study and live in the UK

Visa Guidelines

The visa process & requirements, may differ depending on your country. If you want help just email us.


  • Pass our online English Test or determine your level based on your language records.
  • Enrol and pay for your course. We recommend a course of more than 15 hours per week (20 or more lessons per week).
  • If you do not have an accommodation in the UK, we highly recommend that you pay for your home stay as well.
  • Once your enrollment documents are received and you are found eligible, we send you your Payment Confirmation Slip and Acceptance Letter along with other relevant documents
  • Apply to the UK Visa online; visa type “Student Visitor Visa (6 Months)” and book an appointment to submit your documents

How to Get Student Visitor Visa?

If you are from an EEA Country (Economical European Area) YOU WILL NOT NEED a visa to come to the UK

If you are NOT from EEA Country, then you WILL NEED A VISA to come to the UK

If your visa application is rejected, you can try again or ask us for a refund.

Before granting the UK Visa Officials will look for four main factors

  • You have the finances to pay your food, transportation & accommodation etc.
  • You want to return to your country after your course ends. For example: you have a job, a house in your country or you need to finish your University studies in your country.
  • You have a good reason to study English. (learning English will get you better a job in your country; or you want to study in an English university.
  • You submit your course enrollment & payment documents
  • Monitoring your Attendance: During your course of studies, you must attend more than 80% of the course; otherwise, we will report your absenteeism to the government.